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Green City

A utopia?

Lush green oases instead of asphalt jungle. Clean air instead of smog. Places to meet friends instead of busy intersections. Streets filled with pedestrians, bikers, skaters and playing children instead of traffic jams… a utopian fantasy?

Green City e.V. is working to make this dream come true, piece by piece. Together we are making Munich a better place by promoting the use of alternative forms of transportation, supporting and initiating sustainable city planning and encouraging conscientious energy use. Our vision of Munich is a city of the people for the people.
Think. Join in. Create.

A handful of dedicated citizens founded Green City in 1990 with the goal of creating a people-friendly and green Munich. Today we can count on 2,500 members, coordinated by a seven-person managing board and a professional team of twenty-eight.

AOK Blade Night, Foto: Green City e.V., Andreas Schebesta

For me, for Munich, for the world

We are reclaiming the streets as living space. We are making urban life more green and pleasant – with trees, flowers and benches. We advocate and promote more bicycles, trains, buses and other sustainable modes of transportation.

Radlnacht 2016, Radlhauptstadt, Foto: Andreas Schebesta

We do it naturally

We don’t just talk, we act – with courage, vision and enthusiasm. We implement our ideas in unexpected and charming ways. We like to actively include as many people as possible to tackle projects right at our doorstep. That is where we can make change happen, for example:


  • Cycling Through Life: Mobility for all – that’s our motto. We offer individual bicycle courses for immigrants, senior citizens and people with disabilities.
  • Cargo Bikes „Kangaroo“: Cargo bikes are rapidly gaining popularity, especially in urban areas. Citizens of Munich can rent them for free for up to three days and use them to transport as many heavy items as their hearts desire.
Wanderbaumallee, Green City e.V., Foto: Green City e.V.

 Urban Design:

  • Traveling Trees: With trees on wheels, we call for more green in the city. Our traveling trees have taken root in more than 150 places.
  • Greening Office: Our greening office supports everybody who is looking for information about rooftop or facade greening. We offer free advice on the many advantages of „greener“ buildings!
Klimaküche, Mittelschule - Blumenauerstraße; Foto: Green City e.V.

Environmental Education:

  • Climate Kitchen: When is the right time to grow tomatoes in Germany? Can you really bake cakes without using eggs? These are some of the questions our climate kitchen team answers to school children between grade four and nine.
  • Bus with Feet: It may sound funny but our “Bus with feet” helps young children arrive at school safely. Parents can volunteer to walk a group of children to school. This means that the children are outside, they are under supervision and their parents can save a lot of time.
Kleidertauschparty, Spende für Flüchtlinge, BesucherInnen, Foto: Julia Lebedeva

Climate Protection:

  • Clothing Swap Party: Swap and try instead of buy! During our clothes swap parties anybody can bring clothes and accessories and exchange them for somebody else’s hidden treasures.
  • Green Stage: Our green stage is giving guest lecturers the chance to share innovative ideas and discuss solutions for ecological topics and challenges.

Think with us! Work with us!

Take action and get involved at Green City. You can expect fun and plenty of action as well as interesting projects and contacts. There are many ways to help!

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Carolin StanzlMitgliederbetreuung / Teamassistenz+49 89 890 668 - 331
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